Why LED POI Sticks are So Popular in Illuminated Performance Art

If you have seen a flow arts performance in a theater or in the streets, you might be wondering what those performers are holding. Those are called LED poi sticks, which are some of the most popular materials used in illuminated performance art. In the past, performers used poi made of any kind of material, adding fire to them to make the performance more visually appealing. But these days, it’s all about LED poi of different shapes and sizes. Aside from sticks, you can also buy LED poi pods, balls, and hoops.

One of the reasons why LED poi sticks have become so popular is because they are safer. There is a lesser risk when lifting and spinning, unlike when using a fire-lit poi. Furthermore, they are also easier to hold using a single hand. Even beginners can learn a few tricks without worrying about getting burned or committing a mistake that can potentially injure them.

Thanks to technology, performers can also take advantage of different LED poi features to express their creativity. Today’s LED poi can have two to a hundred and more modes, depending on the type. They can glow in different colors, patterns, strobes, and more. They can blink fast, fade slowly, or burst into different colors. What more is that they can be controlled using a computer so that the entire performance can look more organized and orchestrated. The audience will surely be entertained with the shower of various lights.

If you want to learn flow arts or illuminated performance, practice with your own LED poi sticks. Be sure to buy from reputable online shops for LED toys and LED products. See to it that they are made in the country using high-quality materials like fiber optics to guarantee that they are safe to use.

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