ProLine Fibre Optic Hula Hoop

ProLine Fibre Optic Hula Hoop
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If you think LED hula hoops are cool, then you definitely need to check out our Pro-Line Fiber Optic Hula Hoop.
Nothing looks quite as wild and beautiful as our Fibre Optic Hoop when you're popping and locking it, or shimmying and twirling it up and around your body. Guaranteed.

What set's a Fibre Optic hoop apart from an LED hoop?

  • Unparalleled brightness. Our Fibre Optic hoops come with 2 ultra bright LEDs on each end of the fiber optic cord. This ensures that the entire hoop is brightly illuminated in one continuous light. Have a look at this video to see exactly what we mean.
  • No Imbalance issues. A single, rechargeable 10 gr. AAA Li-ion battery keeps the weight even throughout the hoop. Compare this to our Basic Fibre Optic Hoop which uses standard batteries.

What set's Light Up & Juggle's ProLine Fibre Optic Hoop apart from our competitor's hoops?


  • We're the first and only manufacturer of fibre optic hoops.
  • Our Fibre Optic hoop offers you 27+ light patterns (fades, adjustable blinking speeds and more) to choose from. That's like having 27+ hoops in one!
  • LED hoops from our competitors may be less expensive, but they only
    offer one light pattern.
  • Flush push button for changing patterns. Unlike our Basic Fibre Optic Hoop model, there is no need to open the hoop in order to turn on/off or change light patterns.


MATERIALS: Our Fibre Optic hoops are made of high density, 7/8" white plastic tubing (HDPE), or 3/4" polypropylene tubing (semi clear and slightly stiffer).
Please choose below.
WEIGHT: Fiber Optic hoop = 465g. Compare to a typical led hoop = 500 grams. 

TUBE SIZE: 7/8" HDPE or 3/4" Polypropylene.
HOOP SIZES: 32", 34", 36", 38", 40" etc. (measured inside). Custom sizes are available upon request. Simply include the size in inches (inside diameter) in the comments section of the order form.
TRAVEL SIZE: The hoop detaches and coils to approx. 20" in diameter for travel.

*NOTE: The All Light 27-Mode Programmable Fiber-Optic Hula Hoop runs for 1+ hours on one removable, rechargeable 3.7v. AAA Li-ion battery.
3 batteries + charger are included. 

Hoops recharge in about 3 hours.
For extra batteries, available for purchase, please check the Batteries and Accessories Page.






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