Rechargeable poi ball, 27+ mode programmable ALL LIGHT

Rechargeable poi ball, 27+ mode programmable ALL LIGHT
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Starting at: $27.00

Poi rope is included. .
Charger and power supply sold separately.
This 27+ mode programmable rechargeable 70mm poi ball has the same silicone feel like the 70mm non rechargeable poi ball. weight = 70g.
A little recessed button controls the 27+ mode "ALL LIGHT" allowing you to have any solid color, fade, strobe,blinking patterns with selectable speeds etc.
*NOTE: The LED Poi Ball uses NmHi batteries and can be charged
anytime, unlike Nicad batteries.
You don't have to wait until they are fully drained before charging.
These Poi Balls charge in 8 hours when empty or top off in 1 hour when a
little low, and last approx. 3 hours.
NOTE: You can choose the 70mm or upgrade to a 100mm poi ball, choose below

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