Atom Glow Poi - One Swivel

Atom Glow Poi - One Swivel
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Starting at: $10.00

The LED ATOM GLOW POI BALL comes in the following 13 ultra-bright neon colors:

1. White LED light.
2. Yellow LED light.
3. Orange LED light.
4. Red LED light.
5. Magenta LED light.
6. Purple LED light.
7. Green LED light.
8. Blue LED light.
9. Turquoise LED light.
Each of the following have a single repeating pattern that can not be controlled.
*Or upgrade to the All Light which gives you the ability to utilize and control all the different patterns.
10. Seven-color Slow Change LED light.
11. Seven-color Slow Fade LED light.
12. Seven-color Fast Strobe Neon LED light.
13. Also available in the All Light!
Price includes poi rope and one ball.

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