Techniques Used in LED Poi Lights Performances

Poi is a performing art that uses equipment of the same name. It is performed by swinging tethered weights in a variety of geometric and rhythmical patterns. Its modern-day version is the LED poi lights performance, an entertaining and mesmerizing flow arts that combines different disciplines, like juggling, fire spinning, and dance. It uses the same equipment, which originated from the Maori of New Zealand, but this time, with LED lights that glow or light up. Glow pois are typically made of two objects connected on strings, and shaped like nunchucks, pods, or balls. More contemporary versions include futuristic sabers and whips.

Self-expression, while having fun is the main purpose of Light up LED poi performances. The activity’s unique attribute is that it allows your whole body to move, making it ideal for a fun fitness activity. Moreover, it is a good exercise for your mind, as it teaches you to be mentally aware of your surroundings and your body. This way, techniques used in LED poi lights performances are often compared with other activities, like Tai Chi and yoga.

The most basic techniques in LED poi lights performances include holding poi, in which you must grip the string in a secure, yet easy to release way. Alternatively, you can hold a handle or strap. A handle can be made of metal or wood. Spinning is another basic method, which utilizes your dominant hand to swing the LED pois backwards or forward. It is technically the basis of every poi technique.

When swinging forward, the palm must face downward, and when swinging backwards, the palm must face up. Thumbs re-tucked a bit forward so they will not snag the rope, and instead of aiming to swing quickly, focus on rhythmic swinging, especially when there is music. Once in motion, the swing during a LED poi lights performance must be vertical. From there, you can spin the other end until you can swing both in a rhythmic motion while making sure they will not hit you or touch the floor.

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Know Some Technical Aspects of LED Light Hula Hoops

LED light technology did not only provide us with energy efficient lighting in our home and businesses. It changed the way we enjoy certain activities, too, like hula hoops. Light-up fiber optic hula hoops are fun and entertaining to use and watch. They are just like your regular hula hoops, but with a spectacular display of colorful lights that can draw attention as you pop, lock, twirl, or shimmy with it around your body. There may be a wide array of LED hula hoops available, but certain products can stand out with their technical aspects, like the following:

  • Hoop tube material – Manufacturers use high density 7/8-inch white plastic tubing (HDPE) to ensure flexibility and clarity. Alternatively, you can choose 3/4-inch polypropylene tubing, which is slightly stiffer and semi-clear.


  • Many different light patterns – High-quality LED hula hoops come with over 27 light patterns, such as blink and fade. All lighting patterns are adjustable to suit your rhythm and preference. This way, it is like you are using many different hoops in one.

  • Fiber optic hoop – Fiber optic LED light hula hoops come with two ultra-bright LEDs on both ends of the fiber optic cord to make sure that the whole hoop is brightly and consistently illuminated.
  • Weight – Conventional LED hoops weigh only 500 grams, but fiber optic LED versions are lighter, at 465 grams. Imbalance issues are eliminated with the lighter weight and the use of one AAA Li-ion

  • Customize your hoop – Manufacturers carry standard sizes, but they give you the option to customize the size upon your request in case you require a specific type of hoop for your performance.
  • Easy to transport – LED light hula hoops can detach and coil to around 20 inches in diameter, making it easy to carry when traveling.

  • Dependable running time – A single charge should make the LED light hula hoops efficient for over an hour. The battery is removable and can take about three hours to charge. provides two extra batteries so just exchange with fresh battery, no need to plug hoop in and wait for it to charge
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The History of Poi LED Lights

The history of modern poi LED lights can be traced back to the Maori people of New Zealand. Poi (literally ball in Maori) is a type of instrument, traditionally comprised of flax string and a ball of some sort, securely tied to the ends of the cord. This instrument was originally used in exercises that help increase the flexibility and strength of the hands and the arms, as well as to improve coordination. Maori women would use poi to keep their hand’ flexibility for weaving. Men, on the other hand, practice poi to improve their strength and coordination for battle. Before becoming an artform, poi dance was a daily practice in skill enhancement for the Maori people.

Wahine or women dancers perform poi dances by rhythmically swinging poi balls, which in turn create interesting patterns in the blur of the fast-spinning cord and weight. Throughout the years, poi dancers and handlers have swung many different kinds of weights and cords, from kii bags (carrying bags made from flax and short ropes) to moa eggs, fabrics and silk ribbons, and even fire. Traditional kii bags or kii balls used to have light stuffing inside, such as wool feathers, and cloth, which were later on replaced by plant fibers and a single piece of large stone (more commonly used by men). Performers would also use silk ribbons and fire, which help create more flow and grace to their dance movements. Today, a growing number of poi dancers use modern versions of poi balls in the form of poi LED lights—balls of light made out of LED components, which create even more interesting lines and patterns when swing around rhythmically. Poi LED lights come in a wide variety of forms, shapes, and sizes, ideal for all kinds of poi dance techniques and styles.

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3 Things to Consider Before Buying LED Light Inserts Online

There are three ways to differentiate poi light inserts and other poi products from each other and get the best type of instrument to help you achieve your poi dancing goals. Experts suggest that anyone who wants to get serious with their craft should look into the way the poi looks (poi aesthetics), the way it feels (poi dynamics), and the things that it can do (poi functionality). These feature considerations are critical if you want an investment that pays off in terms of beauty, comfort, and practicality. Whether you are about to get your first pair of poi LED light inserts or an addition to your collection, keep in mind the following guidelines:

  • Making a purchase with poi aesthetics in mind means buying a pair that appeals to your sense of style. Choose poi pairs in design and color schemes that are true to your style of dancing. Consider where you ought to be using your equipment and how well it will contrast your background. Perhaps you have a preferred color scheme or a design idea that will match your costumes and compliment the character of or the concept behind the performance. These are important things to keep in mind when shopping for poi aesthetics.
  • The second thing you should take into consideration is poi dynamics or how the equipment feels and maneuvers. You want poi inserts that weigh evenly and swing smoothly—with just the right drag to help you create curves and movements that flow.
  • Finally, consider other functionalities that come with the equipment. Some LED poi light inserts have static, moving, and blinking light options, which help add more visual interest and unique effects to poi swings and movements. Choose pairs that come with ergonomic handles or knobs for good throws, and other bells and whistles that can help you do more tricks.
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Why LED POI Sticks are So Popular in Illuminated Performance Art

If you have seen a flow arts performance in a theater or in the streets, you might be wondering what those performers are holding. Those are called LED poi sticks, which are some of the most popular materials used in illuminated performance art. In the past, performers used poi made of any kind of material, adding fire to them to make the performance more visually appealing. But these days, it’s all about LED poi of different shapes and sizes. Aside from sticks, you can also buy LED poi pods, balls, and hoops.

One of the reasons why LED poi sticks have become so popular is because they are safer. There is a lesser risk when lifting and spinning, unlike when using a fire-lit poi. Furthermore, they are also easier to hold using a single hand. Even beginners can learn a few tricks without worrying about getting burned or committing a mistake that can potentially injure them.

Thanks to technology, performers can also take advantage of different LED poi features to express their creativity. Today’s LED poi can have two to a hundred and more modes, depending on the type. They can glow in different colors, patterns, strobes, and more. They can blink fast, fade slowly, or burst into different colors. What more is that they can be controlled using a computer so that the entire performance can look more organized and orchestrated. The audience will surely be entertained with the shower of various lights.

If you want to learn flow arts or illuminated performance, practice with your own LED poi sticks. Be sure to buy from reputable online shops for LED toys and LED products. See to it that they are made in the country using high-quality materials like fiber optics to guarantee that they are safe to use.

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Everything You Need to Know about LED Hula Hoops and Their Types

You have probably seen LED hula hoops everywhere—and yes, they are the latest craze when it comes to toys. Hoopers from around the globe just can’t get enough of this trend. Today, all kinds of glow hula hoops are available from different toy stores and even online and social media shops. While it can be exciting to have so many options, the wide selection can also make choosing a little bit confusing. But don’t worry—we are here to help.

If you are looking for an LED hula hoop for yourself or to give to someone as a gift, there are things that you should remember i.e. your LED hula hoop should be the right size and it should suit your preferences in terms of style. Lastly, it should be worth your money. To help you in your quest, here’s everything you need to know about LED hula hoops.

Regular vs. Smart

Regular LED and smart LED hula hoops are the most common kinds readily available in the market, especially online. Hoops with wires and individual LED lights fall under the category of regular LED hula hoops. They only have two modes—and that is why they are also cheaper.

Meanwhile, hoops with computer chips inside are called smart LED hula hoops. The LED lights were not inserted individually. Instead, the 100 to 200 LED lights were combined in one strip. The great thing about this type is that it can have more than a hundred modes, forming different patterns, strobes, and even words.

Special Features

Some higher-end LED hula hoops come with special features. ALL hoops that use a string of LEDs will always have unlit spots between the LEDs, however, the one of a kind fiber optic hoop made by, uses a fiber optic core that truly creates a seamless solid light throughout the entire hoop resulting in a surreal effect. Some of these toys have customizable programs, allowing you to add and delete a program or mode. LED hula hoops can be powered by removable batteries. They may also use a separate wall charger.

When buying online, it is important to choose a shop that is trusted and reliable. This way, you are sure that their products are safe to use.

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Can Juggling Really Make You Smarter?


man juggling six coloured balls

Juggling six balls!

Juggling is more popular today than it has ever been, and new research is pointing to the health benefits of this prominent circus art. While most people might think of juggling as a fun pastime, a great to pull out at a party (which it is), most of us don’t consider juggling as a useful skill.

That may be starting to change.

The earliest record of juggling is found on the walls of a prince’s tomb in ancient Egypt. The image depicts female dancers and acrobats throwing balls in the air.

Egyptian wall painting of juggling

Egyptian wall painting of juggling

Entertainment aside, could it be that for thousands of years humans have intrinsically known that the manipulation of objects in the air is good for hand-eye coordination and spatial imagination and therefore our brains?

In a 2009 study by Dr. Johansen-Berg at Oxford University, 12 people learned to juggle over a six-week period, with brain scans administered before and after this period. The participants practised 30 minutes a day and were compared with 12 other people who did not juggle.

The results of the study proved that juggling leads to changes in the brain’s white matter and increased connectivity in the brain.

“We tend to think of the brain as being static, or even beginning to degenerate, once we reach adulthood,’ says Dr. Johansen-Berg. ‘In fact we find the structure of the brain is ripe for change. We’ve shown that it is possible for the brain to condition its own wiring system to operate more efficiently.”

Dr.Johansen-Berg also suggests that there is potential for juggling to aid in the treatment of certain illnesses: “Knowing that pathways in the brain can be enhanced may be significant in the long run in coming up with new treatments for neurological diseases, such as multiple sclerosis, where these pathways become degraded.”

With that in mind, Light Up & Juggle has compiled a handy list of why everyone should be juggling at least once a day!

  • Get Smart. As we’ve already mentioned, juggling increases connectivity in our brains, which sharpens our focus, our hand-eye coordination, and our spatial imagination, thereby making us smarter.
  • Toss The Stress Away. Concentrating on learning to juggle three balls, clubs, or cigarette boxes puts you in a state of meditation, especially if you’re gentle on yourself and your learning curve. Ask anyone who’s good at juggling and they’ll tell you that getting in the zone feels great. And anything that gets us into a meditative state is great for relieving stress.
  • Anywhere, Anytime. Juggling is inexpensive and easy to do anywhere in the world. There’s no driving to the gym, buying an expensive stand-up paddle board, or shelling out for a season’s pass at the ski hill. Wherever you are you can bring out your clubs or balls and start juggling away. Even in the dark. With today’s LED technology, juggle balls, rings, clubs and cigarette boxes can now be brightly illuminated in a range of colors, long after the sun has set. Entertain yourself and friends at music festivals, nighttime beach parties or the middle of the dark woods.
  • Don’t Forget Your Body. Now that we’ve established that juggling is good for our brains, how about our bodies? The answer is yes. Juggling for sustained periods of times is a low intensity workout for our arms and shoulders, toning muscles and keeping joints limber. And with a focus on the space around you, keeping your movements fluid and your footwork light as you track your objects in the air, a juggling session can improve coordination and exercise your core (especially if you focus on keeping your abs tight while juggling).
  • Have Fun! Juggling is a good time whether you’re learning the skill or already a master at it. Entertain your friends and family, exercise your brain and body and always, always remember to have fun!

man juggling glow pinsSo, what are you waiting for?
Pick up a set of LED juggle balls, clubs, rings or cigarette boxes from Light Up & Juggle and get juggling! Anywhere, anytime. Night or day. You’re brain (and body) will thank you for it.


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