Know Some Technical Aspects of LED Light Hula Hoops

LED light technology did not only provide us with energy efficient lighting in our home and businesses. It changed the way we enjoy certain activities, too, like hula hoops. Light-up fiber optic hula hoops are fun and entertaining to use and watch. They are just like your regular hula hoops, but with a spectacular display of colorful lights that can draw attention as you pop, lock, twirl, or shimmy with it around your body. There may be a wide array of LED hula hoops available, but certain products can stand out with their technical aspects, like the following:

  • Hoop tube material – Manufacturers use high density 7/8-inch white plastic tubing (HDPE) to ensure flexibility and clarity. Alternatively, you can choose 3/4-inch polypropylene tubing, which is slightly stiffer and semi-clear.


  • Many different light patterns – High-quality LED hula hoops come with over 27 light patterns, such as blink and fade. All lighting patterns are adjustable to suit your rhythm and preference. This way, it is like you are using many different hoops in one.

  • Fiber optic hoop – Fiber optic LED light hula hoops come with two ultra-bright LEDs on both ends of the fiber optic cord to make sure that the whole hoop is brightly and consistently illuminated.
  • Weight – Conventional LED hoops weigh only 500 grams, but fiber optic LED versions are lighter, at 465 grams. Imbalance issues are eliminated with the lighter weight and the use of one AAA Li-ion

  • Customize your hoop – Manufacturers carry standard sizes, but they give you the option to customize the size upon your request in case you require a specific type of hoop for your performance.
  • Easy to transport – LED light hula hoops can detach and coil to around 20 inches in diameter, making it easy to carry when traveling.

  • Dependable running time – A single charge should make the LED light hula hoops efficient for over an hour. The battery is removable and can take about three hours to charge. provides two extra batteries so just exchange with fresh battery, no need to plug hoop in and wait for it to charge
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