About Us

No our light up juggle equipment and light up skill toys are Not made in China! All our products are hand crafted in the U.S.A. and Canada, satisfaction guaranteed! We were the very first to develop and manufacture led lit juggle equipment back in 1994, We only make light up juggle equipment and other light up skill toys,that’s our specialty !!

In 1994 light up and juggle developed and patented the worlds very first battery powered led lit foot bag/hacky sack, soon after, Jugglers asked us if we could also make light up juggle balls, so that’s how it all started. Back then there were no led lit juggle balls and the only L.E.D. diode colors available were red and dull green. Well,… we have come a long way ! Right from the beginning we made sure to use the latest and brightest leds, We now make a wide variety of led light up juggling equipment and  light up skill toys, which are all available in 13 + super bright diode colors! OH…and unlike those cheap dollar store blinky toys, our products are built to last and you can change the batteries.