3 Things to Consider Before Buying LED Light Inserts Online

There are three ways to differentiate poi light inserts and other poi products from each other and get the best type of instrument to help you achieve your poi dancing goals. Experts suggest that anyone who wants to get serious with their craft should look into the way the poi looks (poi aesthetics), the way it feels (poi dynamics), and the things that it can do (poi functionality). These feature considerations are critical if you want an investment that pays off in terms of beauty, comfort, and practicality. Whether you are about to get your first pair of poi LED light inserts or an addition to your collection, keep in mind the following guidelines:

  • Making a purchase with poi aesthetics in mind means buying a pair that appeals to your sense of style. Choose poi pairs in design and color schemes that are true to your style of dancing. Consider where you ought to be using your equipment and how well it will contrast your background. Perhaps you have a preferred color scheme or a design idea that will match your costumes and compliment the character of or the concept behind the performance. These are important things to keep in mind when shopping for poi aesthetics.
  • The second thing you should take into consideration is poi dynamics or how the equipment feels and maneuvers. You want poi inserts that weigh evenly and swing smoothly—with just the right drag to help you create curves and movements that flow.
  • Finally, consider other functionalities that come with the equipment. Some LED poi light inserts have static, moving, and blinking light options, which help add more visual interest and unique effects to poi swings and movements. Choose pairs that come with ergonomic handles or knobs for good throws, and other bells and whistles that can help you do more tricks.
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