LED 2 Foot Juggling Baton (Solid and Split versions)

LED 2 Foot Juggling Baton (Solid and Split versions)
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The LED Glow Baton is super bright  ,standard  length is 2 ft. and 3/4" thick
The LED Glow Baton uses 2 lights ,one on each end, each light comes in the following  13 ultra-bright neon colors:  
1. White LED light.
2. Yellow LED light.
3. Orange LED light.
4. Red LED light.
5. Magenta LED light.
6. Purple LED light.
7. Green LED light.
8. Blue LED light.
9. Turquoise LED light.
Each of the following have a single repeating pattern that can not be controlled (except for the All Light which can be fully controlled).
10. Seven-color Slow Change LED light.
11. Seven-color Slow Fade LED light.
12. Seven-color Fast Strobe Neon LED light.
13. Also available in the All Light!

You can choose the removable 70mm or 100mm LED Balls to be attached to either end of the glow baton. OR NO ball ends
See our LED Glow Poi for pictures of what the balls look like.
Other upgrade options are available such as a 1" thick Baton ,the fiber optic inner core for a brighter effect , Ball end size etc. choose below

For easy transportation we offer you the option of a Split Version LED Baton!

Red/Blue Lit Solid Thick LED Baton
w/70mm Ball Ends
Assembled Split Version LED Baton
w/70mm Ball Ends
Split Version LED Baton
LED Split Baton ConnectorLeft to Right
Thick glow baton without ball ends
Thin glow baton without ball ends
Thin LED baton with ball ends
Thick LED baton with ball ends

Required Product Options:
Fibre Optic core Upgrade

Ball Type



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