LED Juggling Ball/Hacky Sack (Small/Soft)

LED Juggling Ball/Hacky Sack (Small/Soft)
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This Small/Soft LED Juggling Ball/Hacky Sack (2 1/4 in. diameter) ball is the little brother to the BIG SOFT, and is great for juggling, playing hacky-sack, using as a footbag, or using at your next party, outdoor music festival, rave or DJ show. AND, its unique size and design is only available at Light Up and Juggle!
The Small/Soft LED Juggling Ball/Hacky Sack comes with individualized LED lights in the following 13 ultra-bright colors:
1. White LED light.
2. Yellow LED light.
3. Orange LED light.
4. Red LED light.
5. Magenta LED light.
6. Purple LED light.
7. Green LED light.
8. Blue LED light.
9. Turquoise LED light.
Each of the following have a single repeating pattern that can not be controlled (except for the All Light which can be fully controlled).
10. Seven-color Slow Change LED light.
11. Seven-color Slow Fade LED light.
12. Seven-color Fast Strobe Neon LED light.
13. Also available in the All Light!
*NOTE: For those juggling pros that juggle 5 or more balls at a time, the Small/Soft LED Juggling Ball/Hacky Sack is the perfect choice.

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