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LightUp Rechargeable Glow Poi / Juggle Balls / Etc.

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Rechargable Poi ball / Juggle Ball / Atom Poi / ATOM JUGGLE BALL ($30/per ITEM)

These balls use NmHi batteries and can be charged anytime, unlike Nicad batteries, you don't have to wait till they are totaly drained before charging. These balls charge in 8 hrs. (over night) when empty and last approx. 2 hrs.

$33 USD PER ITEM (poi rope included)

Glow Poi Ball - One Swivel

5 ball charger + power supply ($20)

5 ball charger without the power supply ($10 )

Buy extra chargers for daisy chaining and charging more balls at a time off one power supply.

Power Supply Alone ($10 )